My Little Flower Princess

I am new to the whole ‘beauty blogging’ thing, so bare with me whilst i find a post-style that works for me, please!

Today, i am showing you my latest nail art. We have ourselves a lovely daisies and dandelion theme.
(I will try to get a better set of pictures when i charge my camera tomorrow.)

What do you think?

Products Used:

  • Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish Aqua Cool for the ‘sky’
  • OPI Alpine Snow for the ‘leaves’ on the daisies and the head of the dandelions.
  • Barry M Black for the dandelion stems
  • OPI Need Sunglasses for the yellow flower centre
  • Barry M Spring Green for the daisy stems & grass

About loveisalaserquest

22 years old with the heart of a 10 year old. I still believe in finding Prince Charming and in happily ever afters. Unfortunately, i am just not there yet. Trying to work through life with an eating disorder and find a point where i can say, 'I am better'. Join me through that, and many other daily trials :) I love makeup, nails, nail art, clothes, shoes, anything with a grunge kind of feel...

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